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Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk
Xenon cableā„¢ - Carxk

Xenon cableā„¢

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Are you tired of using that bland, tangled, and easy to break charging cables? Do you want something more strong, sleek, and convenient?

šŸ”Œāš” Say hello toĀ Xenonā„¢ Cable with Xenon technology light &Ā Magnetic USB Fast Charging. The most innovative lit charging cable on the market. Make your charging experience one unlike any other with magnetic charging! šŸ”Œāš”

Our 3 in 1 USB Xenon Light 360-degree rotating charging cable is a perfect multifunctional accessory that can be used with all of your devices. No longer will there be the need to carry along multiple cables for your phones, laptop, tablet, power banks, and all other electronic devices.

Equipped with an ultra-strong magnet built to be used however and wherever you'd like.Ā Charge with style, charge with confidence, charge with innovation. It's theĀ magnetic charging cable you need in your life.

    The 360-degree rotating magnetic design more precisely completes the magnetic coupling, which improves charging efficiency. It givesĀ you a premiumĀ charging experience with the Xenon technologyĀ electrical flow that goes through the cable to your device.

    Supports lightning-fast charging speeds. Equipped with USB 3.0 technology, it transfers data transmission at top speeds.

    Visible flowĀ Xenon light-up feature, which indicates charging status with the Xenon color of your choice once plugged in. You will see the bright, cool, and slick electric glowing flow into your phone or other devices.Ā EasyĀ to see at night and in the day.

    This charger has universal compatibility. Hook up your Apple iPhone, Android phone, tablet, laptop, other get the drift.Ā Ā 

    3 layer cable for triple-layer protection. It won't break, snap, or twist itself into a kink like all the other charging cables out there.

    You can plug one of the 3 magnetic adapters into your device and simply place yourĀ Xenonā„¢Ā Cable magnetic phone charger next to it and the strong magnets pull it together for a stable, strong, and quick charging connection.

    Passed 40000+ bend test. Practically unbreakable, tangle-free, and very flexible.Ā Incredibly durable & tangle-free braided nylon. Several times stronger and longer lasting than standard cables.Ā 

  • Universal compatibility - Fully compatible with all phones and devices that have a plugin port. There are magnetic adapters for each one:Ā iPhone ios Android Micro USB & Type C, Ā iPhone 11/Xs/Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ S9/ S9+/ S8/S8+/S7/S6 Edge, LG G6 G5, LG V20, ios phone New Macbook, OnePlus 3T, Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Moto z, Moto g5, ChromeBook Google Pixel, Asus Zen AiO, Lenovo Zuk Z1, HP Pavilion X2, ASUS ZenPad S 8.0, Huawei P10 P9 Mate 9.Ā iPhone 11/Xs/Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ S9/ S9+/ S8/S8+/S7/S6 Edge, Kindle, andĀ all other electronic devices.

  • Material: High-QualityĀ AluminumĀ Alloy Plug + Triple Layered Nylon Cable
  • Color:Ā Blue, Green, Red, Multicolor
  • 1 x Xenonā„¢Ā Cable Magnetic USBĀ  Fast Charging
  • 1 xĀ User Manual

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Question: WhatĀ exactly is Xenonā„¢ cable? Why doĀ I need it?
Answer:Ā Xenon cable makes your charging experience hassle-free and easier than ever with the Xenon light flow, magnetic connection, 360-degree rotatability, and much more!

Question:Ā Will it fit my phone if I have my case on?
Answer:Ā Yes, it is case-friendly so you can easily fit a case on your phone with the plug attached to your phone.

Question:Ā Does this have an apple compatible chip?
Answer:Ā Yes, it works with all phones and devices. There are 3 different adapters for it. The cable I received works with my iPhone X perfectly!

Question:Ā How long will the magnet last?
Answer: Neodymium magnet plug is the strongest magnet alloy on earth. The Magnet lasts up to 8 years.

Question:Ā Is this charging cableĀ worth buying?
Answer: Yes!Ā Let's just say I ordered one and now have 5. The LED glow is so cool to see and everyone. I've had mine for over a year now and am in love with them. I don't charge my phone and devices with anything else now.